Tabbouleh recipe

Salade de boulghour façon taboulé

Salade de boulghour façon taboulé

Salad of boulghour tabbouleh style

I called this recipe tabbouleh even if it is not the REAL Lebanese recipe. If you are interested in the latter, just click here: Lebanese tabbouleh and hop, you have it. The recipe below is a mix between what is called tabbouleh in France (a semolina-based preparation with few herbs) and the oriental tabbouleh (a salad herbal with little semolina).

The result is a salad refreshing and delicious for summer evenings. To prepare imperatively the day before for the following day or in the morning for the evening, the time that the semolina swells.

For a large salad bowl (8 to 10 people)

  • 300 g of boulghour (or couscous semolina medium size)
  • 350 g of tomatoes multicolored cherries
  • 75 g of parsley
  • 75 g of mint
  • 1 sweet onion
  • 12 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 3 yellow lemons
  • 1 level teaspoon of salt
  • a few turns of the pepper mill

Remove the mint leaves and parsley plumes. Wash them and mix them finely. Dice the tomatoes and onion. Squeeze the lemons.

Put the bulgur in a salad bowl. Sprinkle it with lemon juice and olive oil. That’s what will make it swell, you don’t put water on it, you don’t cook it. Add the herbs, cherry tomatoes, sweet onion, salt and pepper and mix.

Dans le saladier

In the salad bowl

Store in a cool place for at least 4 hours and mix regularly.

Salade de boulghour façon taboulé

Salad of boulghour tabbouleh style

A delight!

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