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High in color and flavor, they are both a remedy for lack of time and a guarantee of conviviality. On your marks. Ready to go? Spread it!

For a toast you need good bread!

Because it doesn’t just work with a wand! When it comes to toast, the crispy baguette and the traditional farmhouse bread are very popular. But have you thought about varying the tastes… and colors of bread?

The vast choice is an excellent starting point to imagine associations with sweet and savoury: wholemeal bread, corn bread, rye bread, walnut bread, hazelnut bread, rusks, rice or corn cakes, Swedish rolls, tortillas, pancakes, pita, olive fougasse, brioche…

They’re just waiting for your imagination to make bread that’s as delicious for the eyes as it is for the taste buds.

Tartines (c) Anna Shepulova shutterstock

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Discovering the world’s slices of bread

  • Bruschetta. Initially, it is a simple toasted toast used to taste the new olive oils in Italy. Customized with slices of tomato, basil or even mozzarella, it is to be eaten as an aperitif or as a main course, served with a salad. A recipe: Marinated chicken bruschetta, candied tomatoes and Parmesan cheese (click).
  • Pan con tomato. Rustic, this toast was used to avoid spoiling the slightly over-ripe tomatoes, whose tender flesh was spread on a slice of bread rubbed with garlic and flavoured with a drizzle of olive oil. Very simple.
  • Crostinis. For this other variant with the taste of Italy, the slices of bread are pan-fried in olive oil then garnished with fresh tomatoes, capers, mozzarella… A recipe : Crostini tomato feta basil
  • Garlic bread. An Anglo-Saxon delight very easy to make: a slice of baguette cut at an angle, spread with butter and chopped garlic and passed under the grill.
  • French toast. Called “French toast” by our English and American friends, this treasure of modesty and gastronomic sweetness is undoubtedly the most famous sweet toast! In order not to “lose” the stale bread, the slices are soaked in a mixture of milk and beaten eggs, browned in a frying pan and then sweetened. Delicious with raspberries, pear or apple slices. Try the salty “twist”, with cooked asparagus and parmesan cheese… Click here to discover all my French toast recipes.
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Toast and balance … Or the art of varying the contributions

Every day, depending on age, gender, weight and physical activity, our body needs on average 12-15% protein, 30-35% fat and 50-55% carbohydrates. As part of a balanced diet, bread has different nutritional qualities, such as complex carbohydrates, vegetable proteins and fibre (in greater quantities in wholemeal bread). It also provides a supply of vitamins from the B group (B1 and B6) and minerals (magnesium, phosphorus and potassium).

The potato can also be an original alternative with its high content of complex carbohydrates (16 g of starch).
per 100 g, on average), for a modest caloric intake (less than 80 kcal 100 g).

Bruschetta (c) Anna Shepulova shutterstock

Bruschetta (c) Anna Shepulova shutterstock

Express Trim

It’s better when it’s homemade! These pre-prepared homemade toppings provide a reliable base that can be modified according to your inspiration.

  • Tzatziki Fresh and light, it is made of grated and wrung cucumber, mixed with Greek yogurt, chopped mint, all spiced up with a hint of chopped garlic. Click here to see the tzatziki recipe
  • Eggplant caviar The flesh of a whole eggplant roasted in the oven is removed and then mixed with chopped garlic and seasoned with olive oil, salt and flavoured with Provencal herbs, cumin etc. Click here to discover the Eggplant Caviar recipe.
  • Candied peppers The peppers are roasted in the oven and then peeled, the seeds removed. Finely sliced, they are flavoured according to your tastes: Click here to discover my recipe of candied peppers.

Click here to discover all my toast recipes.

Source: CP Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

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