The Saint James Farmers’ Market

Fraises et Framboises Uniterres

Le Saint James - Bouliac

The Saint James – Bouliac

The restaurant Saint James in Bouliac had already had the idea a year ago to present its producers to a few happy few (press, blogs) because, as we had explained to us Nicolas Magie at the time, no great meal without great products. I really appreciated the idea of honoring the people behind these magnificent poultry, vegetables, fish or cheese.

This year, Marie Borgel reiterated but opening the experience. Indeed, it is a farmers’ market that she proposed to us this Sunday on the magnificent terrace of the restaurant and that she will repeat 4 times in the year, each season. Vivien DurandThe Black Prince’s chef was invited and about twenty producers offered his goods for sale. (13 from Vivien’s suppliers, 13 from Nicolas, and 13 common to both).

Nicolas Magie et Vivien Durand

Nicolas Magie and Vivien Durand

What finally surprised me in talking to many of them is that they do not generally serve the general public. Of course if you go to them you can buy a chicken or 3 kg of zucchinis, but their business is with the chefs. These products are therefore not easily accessible to us. It was all the more nice to be able to fill your basket this time.

A stroll in pictures :

Légumes de chez Uniterre

Vegetables from Uniterres

Girolles de chez Noël Benharoun, Langoustines de la Cotinière, Volailles de chez Duplantier et fromages de chez Guttierrez

Chanterelles from Noël Benharoun, Langoustines from La Cotinière, Poultry from Duplantier and cheeses from Ferme Guttierrez.

Fraises et Framboises Uniterres

Strawberries and Raspberries Uniterres

Pain au maïs et au piment d'Espelette de la maison Constanti, Pastis de chez Jean des Sables et viande de chez Marine et Greg

Corn and Espelette pepper bread from Constanti, Pastis from Jean des Sables and meat from Marine et Greg (Boucherie du Parc)

Fleurs - France Fleurs

Flowers – France Fleurs

Confitures de chez Gondolo et gâteaux basques de chez Pariès

Jams from Gondolo and Basque cakes from Pariès

Les cigares de Madame de Navarre

Navarre cigars (the only French ones)

Condiments Oliv'Art - Miel et legumes Uniterres

Condiments Oliv’Art – Mr Pager’s honey and radish Uniterres

And still some others including Pascal and Dominique Sancier from the Paillot farm from whom I bought lamb to fall on the floor so good it was (but not photogenic 😉 )

I brought home a full basket of good stuff! As Nicolas and Vivien said so well, once you’ve seen the producer, you don’t cook his products in the same way anymore. This is true both for us, simple everyday cooks, and for the chefs and their teams. When they went out into the field, talked with their suppliers, shared good practices, how can you not do everything possible and give the best of yourself? It’s not marketing blah blah blah blah, just real life.

Anyway, at the next edition, in September, I will be there too 🙂.

Restaurant Saint James
3 Place Camille Hostein,
33270 Bouliac


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