Un festin de nature – Erin Gleeson

Un Festin de Nature - Erin Gleeson

Un Festin de Nature - Erin Gleeson

A Feast of Nature – Erin Gleeson

For many years Erin Gleeson works as a culinary photographer in New York. She also teaches photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  In 2011, she moves to California to follow her husband. They both settle down near San Francisco, in the middle of nature, a tree house she says.

Cabane © Erin Gleeson

Cabin © Erin Gleeson

Wondering what direction her career could take, she returned to cooking and photography. Inspired by local and seasonal ingredients (she subscribes to an AMAP), she created her cooking blog (The Forest Feast), then developed her first book, A Feast of Naturefor which she produces recipes, photos and illustrations.

A true ode to “healthy eating”, this book is the fruit of its author’s passion for art, nature and cooking. Erin Gleeson has been in love with the products of the earth since childhood, and has sublimated them to create nearly 100 recipes (starters, drinks, salads, desserts and, above all, complete dishes) that are both original and ultra-simple to create. Also a photographer, she has staged them all in a playful and artistic way to invent a vegetarian cookbook out of the ordinary.

If you like his blog, you’ll love his book.

A feast of nature – Erin Gleeson – Editions de la Martinière – 25 €.

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