Weekend in the Gers

Vignes Noulens

Vignes Noulens

Noulens Vineyards

I recently spent a few days in the GersI discovered the Floc de Gascogne, and as I have already told you several times, I loved this little corner of France. I wanted to share with you some addresses that I liked very much.

Oenotourism :

The Gascons are extremely welcoming. Most of the winegrowers are producers of wine, Floc and Armagnac. Here are some good addresses to visit without moderation :

Weekend Floc de Gascogne

Weekend Floc de Gascogne

I really liked this domain, located in the commune of Fourcès in the North-West of the Gers department. This family property consists of a 40 hectare vineyard with rich and varied terroirs. All the products (Wines, Floc and Armagnac) are regularly rewarded (Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Concours Général Agricole de Paris, Concours des Vignerons Indépendants de France, Concours National ANIVIT) and are selected in guides such as the Guide Hachette.

Passionate and exciting winemakers!

Jean Marie Terraube et son épouse ©Luc Jennepin

Jean Marie Terraube and his wife ©Luc Jennepin

Domaine de Magnaut
Jean-Marie Terraube
32,250 Forks

Château Monluc sous la neige

Château Monluc under the snow

Monluc Castle – 32,310 Saint-Puy

Located in Roquelaure, the vineyard is planted on gently sloping hillsides whose soils are clay-limestone with some boulbènes that characterize the terroir of Haut Armagnac. The 15 hectares of vines are managed in sustainable agricultureThe company is environmentally friendly. Here too we produce wine, Floc, Armagnac.

Armagnac Grand Comté

Armagnac Grand Comté

This family property has recently been run by Aurélie BaylacThe company has recently returned to the farm. It’s very nice to see a young woman in this world. Note that their Armagnacs have been regularly awarded prizes and that the Armagnac Hors d’Âge received the Gold Medal at the Concours Général Agricole Paris 2015.

Domaine Grand Comte – 32,810 Roquelaure

For Marielle who makes Floc, Armagnac, confits, foie gras etc… all in the respect of the tradition and the soil. I wonder when she sleeps 😉

La ferme de Gagnet

Gagnet’s farm

Gagnet’s farm – 47 170 Mezin

For lodging : 

Castel Pierre - Lagraulet du gers

Castel Pierre – Lagraulet du gers

Come to discover in this article the charm of this Gascony house: Le Castel Pierre – Lagraulet du Gers.

Restaurants :

  • La Table des Cordeliers (gastro side)

1st effect wow the frame! The building dates from the 18th centurye and the chapel of the XIIIeIt’s so beautiful, it’s breathtaking.

2nd effect wow: the kitchen! Surprising and playful, a subtle blend of modernity and creativity, it makes good use of local Gascony products. It is excellent. The Michelin Guide has not been mistaken since several years ago, it awarded 1 star to Eric Sampietro.

Eric Sampietro - La Table des Cordeliers

Eric Sampietro – La Table des Cordeliers

La Table des Cordeliers – 1 rue des Cordeliers – 32 100 Condom

Edit 2019 : The restaurant La table des Cordeliers has unfortunately closed its doors.

We fell in love with this restaurant located in a small street of Lectoure. The atmosphere is warm and cosy and the chef’s cuisine, Bastien BoulardIt is generous and tasty. The local products are very well highlighted and the homemade cocktail based on melon liqueur is a delight to try.

Auberge des Bouviers - Lectoure

Auberge des Bouviers – Lectoure

Auberge des Bouviers – 8 Rue Montebello, 33700 Lectoure.

While you are in Lectoure, don’t miss the splendid and imposing steel elephant of Solenne Huet.

Elephant de Lectoure

Elephant of Lectoure

Facebook Page: Auberge des Bouviers

Both a hotel and a restaurant, this establishment offers the most honest bourgeois cuisine. I particularly appreciated their velvety butternut soup with chestnut chips. The day I went there it was full, the clientele is both local and passing through. Very good value for money.

Salle de restaurant - Continental - Condom

Restaurant room – Continental – Condom

The Continental – 20 Rue Mal Foch, 32100 Condom

Côté Gourmandise

In addition to the farm of Gagnet mentioned above, you can if you feel like confit, rillettes etc. go to :

With Madame Labatut, you will learn everything you wanted to know without ever having dared to ask about duck, rillettes, magret, stuffed neck, foie gras etc. It’s exciting and you will enjoy it.

Terre Blanche

Terre Blanche

Click here to find out how Ms. Labatut prepares cutlets of magret duck.

Terre Blanche – 32,310 Saint-Puy

One of the delights of the Gers is the croustadeThis apple and Armagnac puff pastry tart. It is sometimes found under the name pastis Gascon. In his workshop, where tempting sweet flavors float, Jérome Maribon Ferret stretches the dough and elaborates his delicious croustades in the old-fashioned way, like our grandmothers, in the purest Gascon tradition. The result is light, crispy, fragrant and delicious.



You can attend demonstrations and discover all the secrets of the croustade at Jérôme’s place. This is where it happens:

Southwestern Accents – Jérome Marribon-Ferret – 64, avenue Jean Moulin – 32 330 Gondrin

Croustades Gasconnes artisanales

Artisanal Gascony Croustades

There, you know everything. Don’t miss the beautiful little villages like Fourcès, Montréal du Gers, Lectoure, the Abbey of Flaran etc etc.


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