What to bring back from Greece

Oeil grec (c) Seqoya shutterstock

Drapeau grec (c) Kaesler Media shutterstock

Greek flag (c) Kaesler Media shutterstock

Because I didn’t feel like talking to you about cooking today in view of the current events, I offer you a lighter ticket thinking very strongly of our Belgian friends or in transit, like me on Sunday evening, at the Brussels airport.

You are going on vacation in Greece and you don’t know what to bring back…

  • to your father who keeps the cat
  • to your mother who looks after the children
  • to your neighbor who waters the plants in your absence
  • to Mémé Colette, to your brother, your sister, to Tonton Michel, and to your best friends Fabienne and Krystel.

Are you on the verge of overheating?

Don’t panic, here are lots of ideas to answer the question: What to bring back from Greece? 

  • From handcrafted soap with olive oil
Savons à l'huile d'olive

Olive oil soaps

Loukoums (c) vm2002 shutterstock

Loukoums (c) vm2002 shutterstock

  • From tassel slippers
  • From beauty products Korres and Apivita
  • 1 komboloA kind of small, non-religious rosary used to relax your nerves (for example after someone emails you a question: Anne, do you like to cook? No, I prefer to play tennis 🙂 )
Komboloi (c) Rafael Medina CC BY-NC-ND 2.

Komboloi (c) Rafael Medina CC BY-NC-ND 2.

  • 1 coffee maker to make Greek coffee at home, the famous briki. There are some too pretty in enamel.
Briki en email (c) Foxxy63 shutterstock

Briki in email (c) Foxxy63 shutterstock

  • From chewing gum with putty
  • From theouzo (the Plomari brand is not bad)
  • From toothpaste to putty
  • Pendants decorated with the greek eye brings good luck
Oeil grec (c) Seqoya shutterstock

Greek eye (c) Seqoya shutterstock

  • From Spartans
  • From mountain tea whose taste is very similar to that of medicinal verbena.
Thé des montagnes (c) nanka shutterstock

Mountain tea (c) nanka shutterstock

  • From saffron (Krokos Kosanis)
  • From black-eyed beans and fava.
  • From theolive oil

What’s up? Thank you who?

And for those who do not leave but would like to discover Greek products, a grocery store in Paris: Kilikio – 34 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris

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