What to drink with a raclette

Apremont ©Vins de Savoie

Raclette ©Benjamin Jopen CC BY-SA 20

Raclette ©Benjamin Jopen CC BY-SA 20

There are dishes, we don’t know what to accompany them with. This is the case for the raclette. This authentic swiss specialitye also has its Protected Designation of Origin cheese: Valais raclette cheese.  Constituted at the beginning of cheese simply fade out accompanied by Bündnerfleisch (salted and dried beef), from steamed potatoes and pickles and small onions the raclette cheese has become a very good a complete dish and friendly.

It is possible to serve different cheeses, plain or flavoured with cumin or pepper for example and a wide assortment of cold meats.

Originally, the raclette is obtained by placing a half cheese in front of a wood fire and scraping the surface to serve the melted cheese. This method is still used in many restaurants in Switzerland. But for ease of service, there is also an electric appliance on which a portion of cheese is fixed that gradually melts under the effect of the heat of a resistor.

At home it is of course the squeegee device with the small individual cups that is generally used.

Raclette ©Benjamin Jopen CC BY-SA 20 -

Squeegee ©Benjamin Jopen CC BY-SA 20 –

But what to drink with a raclette, you ask yourself?

Well here are different possibilities from the book And with that, what do we drink? by Olivier Bompas.


Produced in the east of France, but also in Germany and Switzerland, kirsch is a cherry brandy with the delicate scent of morello cherry and bitter almond. A sip is enough to refresh the mouth and to oppose the fat of melted cheese and accompanying charcuterie.

The cherry note and the sapid vegetal touch of kirsch join the fruity and floral character of the cheese, for a particularly persistent and original accord.

A classic wine: Vin de Savoie 

Although of Swiss origin, raclette has long since been adopted by the Savoyards who have made it one of their specialties. Processed cheese and charcuterie require white wines that are lively enough to contrast with the slightly fatty note of the dish.

Apremont ©Vins de Savoie

Apremont ©Vins de Savoie

Apremont or Abymes are two of the 17 crus of the vast Vin-de-Savoie appellation and produce two floral and finely fruity whites with a light pearl of the jacquère grape variety. They are balanced with the flavors of raclette and pleasantly thirst-quenching.

A trendy wine: Côtes du Jura

If it is customary to drink white wines with raclette it is quite possible to serve red wines. We find in appellation vin-de-savoie, soft and fruity reds based on gamay. Their lightness and freshness will be perfect for a greedy and refreshing agreement with the dish dominated by the fat of the cheese and the salt of the cold meats. If you want a slightly more structured wine with a few spicy notes, a côtes-du-jura based on pinot noir will be quite in the tone, also structured around a clear vivacity.

One beer: Cervoise

Offered by the artisanal brewery of the Val d’Ainan (Isère), this Cervoise is a complex beer made from three cereals and about fifteen plants. The nose is intense, rich, as fruity as it is spicy, and the mouth is marked by a very present effervescence.

Cervoise - Brasserie du Val d'Ainan

Cervoise – Brasserie du Val d’Ainan

On this invigorating dish, which combines the smoothness of melted cheese with the fatty character of deli meats, it provides a fresh balance. The combined tastes of beer and raclette give the final dish an agreement as aromatic as it is tasty.

The book :


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