Which sugar for jams?

Sucre blanc et sucre roux (c) Iasmina Calinciuc shutterstock

Sucre blanc et sucre roux (c) Iasmina Calinciuc shutterstock

White and brown sugar (c) Iasmina Calinciuc shutterstock

Essential ingredient for the realization of jamsthe sugar allows the conservation of the fruits. The average proportions are generally 50 % fruit for 50 % sugar to be adapted of course according to the fruits used as well as their maturity. Once the sugar naturally contained in the fruit has evaporated, we obtain a jam with 65% sugar.

  • White granulated sugar is most often used. Its grains are twice as large as those of conventional powdered sugar (or caster sugar), equally recommended.
  • The brown sugaror granulated brown sugaris marked by a spicy flavor and is also well suited. That’s what I like best. Especially when using Muscovado-type sugars. They are complete and are not refined like the whites. They have taste.
  • Sugar “special jams”. contains pectin and citric acid. It has its followers, since it allows to do without natural acidifiers such as lemon juice and pectin, the natural gelling agent that guarantees the “setting” of the jam. Some fruits (cherries, figs, strawberries, peaches, pears, rhubarb…) are indeed insufficiently rich in pectin. A little powdered pectin (3 grams for 1 kilo of fruit preparation + sugar) then balances the mixture.
Confiture de cerises (c) Ariena shutterstock

Cherry jam (c) Ariena shutterstock

Warning: aspartame and sweeteners do not offer the same sugar conservation properties (and besides it is not good 🙂 ).

The info amazes mother-in-law: Sugar, the cute sin of the crowned heads.

Sugar was for a long time a rare commodity. Reserved for the greats of this world, it regales kings and queens, and is served with fruit in the form of jam. Charles VII tasted it between the dishes as a dessert. In 1533, when Catherine de Medici married Henry II, her entourage included perfumers, cooks and… confectioners!


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