What I eat in a day? Answering Questions about Child, Japan, Business and Quitting Job

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35 comments on “What I eat in a day? Answering Questions about Child, Japan, Business and Quitting Job”

  1. hola!!! soy argentina de neuquen capital , mi nombre es carla y sigo todos tus vlogs ,espero con ansias ver tus videos me encantan, sobre todo ver tu dia a dia , las labores de la casa , la comida , lavar la ropa , saludos ,segui asi!!!!

  2. I've never seen someone make their omelet like that! Folded so neatly. I paused the video and went and made one lol! I also normally hate tuna with eggs, or eggs with ketchup, but I made it the same way you did and it was actually really yummy!

  3. Your videos make me feel like crying. Not in a bad way of course, but the fact that theres people like you who actually have schedules lol. No seriously, your videos give me a sence of some nostalgia that i can not describe. It makes me want to live my life in Japan. But, keep it up!

  4. えとーレアさん いつもvlogをした方がいいんですよ。君のvlogとても素敵なことですね。aesthetic ですから
    じゃね… ^ – ^

  5. From what agency were you from? I am also from Philippines and will be graduating in civil engineering this March so I wanna work there after graduation. Thank you!

  6. I am so focus on your caption until I don’t think I see what is your video content..hahaa..btw..I really like what you wrote and what you thought..I guess that’s why I love your video. Blessing to you..and comment on what you say if you are a mother you would like to record the daily life also..so next time you can watch when you are getting old..I am having same thoughts but it was so hard as I am really struggling now..Anyway, blessing to you ..looking forward the day you have your own children.

  7. Hi rhea.. how are you? Hope you are fine.. I am one of your subscribers and Instagram followers. I see you are following Tina's life and me too. But I am wondering if she is okay these days. I thought you might be knowing something. Is she okay?
    BTW Rhea.. I really love your content. I am from India and I love Japanese life style and japan too much. You r doing great with your small start up. Congratulations!!! Good luck!!😊😊😊😇😊😇😊😇

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