Gluttony is not fattening – Ariane Grumbach

La gourmandise ne fait pas grossir - Ariane Grumbach

La gourmandise ne fait pas grossir - Ariane Grumbach

Gluttony doesn’t make you fat – Ariane Grumbach

I love reading Ariane. Maybe you know her via her blog, l’Art de Manger or via her twitter ? Ariane is a dietician-nutritionist in Paris. By reading her bio, I saw that she was a graduate of HEC which I completely ignored and that she had completely changed her professional path by passion for food and human beings.

What I like about her is her common sense and her fight against the dietary dictates . In her book, La gourmandise ne fait pas grossir, which has just been published by Carnet Nord – Bien être, she gives us all her good advice through a primer.

Some of them to give you an idea of the content:

    Stop the diets, all the diets!

  • Let’s run away from fake fats, low-fat products. Let’s put real butter on our toast!

  • We don’t eat calories, we eat food

  • etc.

I think it feels good to read your book. Let’s forget about the injunctions of modern society and realize that we sometimes swallow silly stuff sold by marketing professionals (detox diets for example). Let’s forget the worries and anxieties about today’s food. Let’s forget all that overdose of nutritional information that makes too much information kill the info and let’s keep our common sense.

It puts things in perspective and it feels good. I think a lot of us can come together and say:

Geez, but that’s for sure.

In short, if you find that eating is complicated, if you think you have weight problems, if you are interested in food, don’t hesitate to get her book.

Ariane Grumbach – La nourriture ne fait pas grossir

– Bien Être – CarnetsNord : 13 €

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