Sea snake soup−Japanese street food

Japanesestreetfood #JapanFoodAdventure #Seasnake.


37 pensées sur “Sea snake soup−Japanese street food”

  1. Human polpulation would explode than today,

    so human need more protein and food for growing,

    and the cheap food is all unextraordinary and horrible animal in the world that would be ate by human

    Starvings Human is real Monster in the world

  2. 個人的には色んなものがあると思います。そして、ヘビはおいしい食べ物ではありません。さらに、ヘビに噛まれると危険にさらされる可能性があるので、もっとおいしいものを食べてください。

  3. They fucking eat anything that moves omg no wonder corona here ffs and dont mention cruelty not my favv people at all wont waste 1c to go visit they will tell u ut fish but then its snake no ways

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