You've lived in Japan TOO LONG when …. 5 funny facts

5 funny things that will happen to you if you have lived in Japan for too long. Will you say blue instead of green? Our foreigner reporter CathyCat will tell us funny …


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  1. Youre ability too switch youre English accents is mind blowing. I hear Everything from Aussie too Britian too USA English and then you sometmes pronunciated the way a Japanese person does. Its Good stuff. Just thought it was Cute and would mention it.

  2. I already love the taste of white sticky rice and I live in America , we ran out awhile ago because of the pandemic and haven’t visited the Asian grocery where we normally get it. I miss it 😭

  3. i can do the timely wake up thing as well and i don't live in japan. generally you sit in train/bus and as you start going to sleep keep thinking "i have to wake up there(at that place)" and you wake up right around there.

  4. One time I was so sleepy on a train from Chiba going towards to Tokyo station, I nod off suddenly, and when I opened my eyes I found myself practically on the same area where I closed my eyes except going the other way. I slept all the way from Chiba to Tokyo then the train turned back to Chiba again. I was like F@(€K!!! screaming internally.😂

  5. I tried getting used to gohan for a few years, but I just can't like it. Usually restaurants offer 大盛り gohan for free, but I dread ending my meal with some gohan left and having to eat it without anything. At home, nowadays I put salt, garlic powder and olive oil in my 炊飯器 when making gohan.
    Although I did notice that now I like it when gohan is really moist, so I put 1.5x the amount of recommended water.

  6. The sleeping thing is a really useful skill. I can do it on a Train, Bus and Car ride- even if I am going somewhere I have never been before…. My friends and family still think that I am just pretending to be asleep to get out of having to talk lol

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