Vaincre Megicula | Black Clover

Anime : Black Clover Où regarder :–clover Dans un monde régi par la magie, Yuno et Asta ont grandi ensemble avec un seul but en tête …


23 pensées sur “Vaincre Megicula | Black Clover”

  1. I like how the anime is still hyping up Megicula even though…..(Spoiler for anime-only, read at ur own risk)

    There are a lot more OP demons to be worried about, even the minors got demons. They are hyping up Megicula like its the final boss (which may still be a possibility), but- Ima just leave it at that.

  2. For you anime only's, let me put it into perspective on how strong Vanica is. She didn't just fight Loropechika and Undine and came out on top, but she fought those two and Gaja as well. And keep in mind Loropechika is a Wizard King Level mage and Gaja's so strong, even Julius praises his strength. She fought those three at the same time and won.

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