In this video I’m sharing healthy French cuisine recipes with a delicious salad and dip. What I eat in day is the video you need to eat healthy food to lose weight.


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  1. My favorite salad: spring mix/arugula topped with: sunflower seeds, blackberries, cumin/chili powder spiced roasted sweet potatoes, avocado (random other veggies can be added or substituted. I've used raspberries, pumpkin seeds, etc but the sweet potatoes and the dressing are a must). The only dressing I really LOVE is one I make. Take one zesty Italian seasoning packet and mix with balsamic vinegar, EVOO, and a dash of water to thin it out a bit. It's always a hit when I bring it to parties.

  2. So hard to realize you are in the middle of summer now. That salad looks fantastic. Shared it with several people. We need something light and healthy in between the winter cheat days. Must be so much easier to not gain weight during the holidays with the warm weather

  3. So your new look is great. Australia love salads can enjoy them everday especially in the heat as I live in the Macedon Ranges Victoria Australia. Take Care.💜🦋💖🏖😀

  4. Mexican salad: any green or mix of greens, grilled peeled shrimp or jumbo lump crabmeat, drained rinsed canned black beans, red onion, sliced cherry or grape tomatoes, diced avocado, toasted pumpkin seeds, cilantro (optional), diced cotijo cheesse,, seeded chopped fresh jalapeno, olive oil, fresh lime juice, salt, pepper, crumbled tortilla chips (optional)

    Greek salad: arugula (roquette), grilled peeled shrimp, red onion, diced beets, sliced kalamata olives, a drier feta such as Bulgarian, Greek or Israeli, drained rinsed canned garbanzo beans, jarred grilled chopped artichoke hearts, seeded English cucumber, fresh dill, sliced jarred pepperoncini, olive oil, fresh lemon juice, salt, pepper

    Harissa is delicious on a hard boiled egg for a snack.

  5. Love salads, all fruits and vegetables with the exception of celery. Going to make your salad it looks delicious! Love you loving garlic, I tell folks if you don't like garlic don't accept any invites to eat at my house😅😅
    It's winter here so I am mostly eating roasted veggies in olive oil with cloves of garlic. Love your videos ❤🍷

  6. I'm eating fruit during the day and usually vegetarian or vegan meal for dinner. I just love salads. My favourite one I used to make for all the guys in the gun club (Yes, I was a member for 10 years) was my famous green salad. And boy, was it a hit! So all things green! Then I'd add all my secret ingredients and special dressing. Can't say all the ingredients as I might do a cookbook or something one day. Who knows! Textures, flavours and crunch. Sweet and savoury. Yummo! Thanks for sharing Frederique 💗 We are all curious how one another live and achieve results.

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