An unusual walk in Sydney with My Sydney Detour

Parslay Bay - Sydney

Vue de ma fenêtre - Sidney

View from my window – Sidney

Today I take you to Sydney in Australia where I was a few weeks ago.

There are certain places, certain monuments from which you can’t take your eyes off and which move you. I think of the Statue of Liberty in New York for example, the Grand Canyon, the Hong Kong bay at night, the Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux (yes, it is), the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi in Italy, the Gullfoss waterfalls and Strokkur the geyser in Iceland, etc.

In short a common point to all that, it would almost make you come to tears to the eyes and in any case make you draw up the pwals (spelling aiming to move away the Internet users interested in this part of the human body ^-^)

Sidney’s opera is one of those places for me. The photo above was the view from my hotel room and I can tell you that I brushed my teeth in front of the window for 3 days 🙂

If you ever plan to visit theAustraliaeven if your plane arrives in another city don’t miss Sydney. I had the chance to visit the city in a different way thanks to the tourist office of the city. They had indeed booked me a tour of the city with My Sydney Detour (now My Detour). Imagine visiting the secret corners of Sydney in a local vintage car. I loved it.



Richardthe friendly organizer knows Sydney like the back of his hand and will show you some incredible places off the beaten track. Check it out:

Burrows Park et Waverley Cemetery - Sydney

Burrows Park and Waverley Cemetery – Sydney

Sur la route de Bondi Beach

On the road to Bondi Beach

Du côté de Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach side

And then here, Parsley Baycan be one of the most charming places in Sydney. There was almost nobody that day except a fisherman and us.

Parslay Bay - Sydney

Parsley Bay – Sydney

Parsley Bay - Sydney

Parsley Bay – Sydney

Le Pont de Parsley Bay

Parsley Bay Bridge

This is what we fish for:

Pêche à Parsley Bay

Fishing in Parsley Bay

In the shade of the red rocks…

La roche rouge de Parsley Bay

The Red Rock of Parsley Bay

We find funny bugs 🙂

Lézard australien

Australian lizard

It’s time to leave and go back to the city center.

La côte australienne

The Australian coast

One last stop:

Vue sur Sydney depuis Vaucluse

View on Sydney from Vaucluse

A little closer:

Vue sur Sydney depuis Nielsen Park - Vaucluse

View of Sydney from Nielsen Park – Vaucluse

Anyway, I could have put dozens more pictures. I really loved this walk with Richard (My Sydney Detour) and Raphaëlle (my great guide in Sydney).

If you are on Instagram, I highly recommend you to follow My Sydney Detour’s profile (becomey @MyDetour_Australia), it’s a real delight.

For more information about Australia, a website : the Australian tourist office. And also, a wonderful Instagram account : Australia

Enjoy !

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