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Brasserie Alienor

Alienor Brewery

To create a craft brewery in the heart of the Entre-deux-mers, in the middle of the Bordeaux wine region, you had to be a little crazy (type 1)… or Belgian (type 2). I don’t know enough about Laurent Lefebvre to give you my opinion on option 1 but what I am sure of is that he is Belgian. He arrived in the region for love, and after a few years as a commercial engineer, he decided to live his passion, the beer.

Les céréales, la base de la bière

Cereals, the basis of beer

His great adventure with this beverage began when he was offered a book explaining the art of brewing (How to make good beer at home – Jean François Simard).  The subject fascinates him, he starts by tinkering in his kitchen, learns and improves during his free time.

In 2010 he starts brewing beer, still at home, before settling in 2012, in Saint Caprais de Bordeaux in an old cellar. He calls his beer Alienor in homage to Eleanor of Aquitaine, queen of France and England (12th century) and creates a coat of arms with :

  • The leopard with golden mouth symbol of Aquitaine
  • The Belgian lion
  • The crossed forks (pierced shovels) symbolizing brewing with a sheaf of grain in the middle.
  • The sun for the sun of Aquitaine, the conviviality, the sharing, the pleasure of the life and the values of the beer
Blason Alienor - Saint Caprais de Bordeaux

Blazon Alienor – Saint Caprais de Bordeaux

It brews today 4 different beers one whitea blondea redhead and a brown of which I appreciated the bitterness, present but not dominant, the aromas, the sweetness and the persistence in mouth. We have here a beer that is very artisanal but very accessible. Sometimes, I don’t know if it happened to you, you taste very bitter or very acid beers with which I have a little difficulty. This is not the case at all and I am sure that it will please most people.

Its white beer got 3 stars in the Guide Hachette des bières that I recently told you about. Here is what its author says about it, Elisabeth Pierre :

This wheat beer is amazing. This Belgian brewer uses only barley and wheat malts, hops, yeast and water to make this wheat beer. No spices. This beer has a devilishly milky color with an excellent snowy head. On the nose, the bouquet is rich with cereals and yeast. In the mouth, the texture is unctuous, the cereal and bread aromas are tinged with acidity at the beginning, then fruity notes, white peaches unfold.

The sensations are multiple between the freshness, the acidity, the yeast side and this long carpet of cereals in the background. Sensations that remain present in the finish, with a nice length.

Bières Aliénor

Alienor beers

Otherwise, the man is a bit crazy. Imagine that in his commune of Saint Caprais de Bordeaux (less than 3 000 inhabitants) he organizes with the help of the town hall the festival of the Belgians. It happens in July, the Saturday before the Belgian national holiday. His Manneken-Pis (he has a reproduction of it) on which a beer tapping machine is fixed (yes, yes, where you think, little rascals) is brought in procession by the Brotherhood of the Tricandille (intestine of the pig) of Saint Caprais de Bordeaux on the place of the fiesta. The first 2 barrels of 30 liters are offered to the population, one by the town hall, the other by the brewery. And for the catering the man brings a real Belgian French fries bar.

In short, I love it !

You can find his beers in supermarkets (especially in the south west) and in some wine shops. For all the information on prices and points of sale, I refer you on its site: Brasserie Aliénor (click).

Aliénor Brewery
19 bis avenue de Loustallaut
33 880 Saint Caprais de Bordeaux

Bonus : The book :p

Enjoy !

They’re not going to make it.

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