Bridge Climb Sydney: An unforgettable experience

Bridge Climb Sydney : Une expérience inoubliable

Today we go back on a trip. We need a little air, don’t we? To blow, to think of positive things.

So, friends of the world wide web, know that there are things you never thought you would do in your life and yet you did. Climb the highest bridge in Sydney is one of them and yet, here is the proof (and I didn’t even pee in my pants) :

En haut du Sydney Harbour Bridge

Top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I do not hide you that at a certain moment I thought :

 Damn, but what I came to make in this galley?

But that was before. Before I saw the incredible view all along this roped-off bridge ride.

Let’s talk about this bridge first:

The Harbour Bridge is the main crossing point of the Sydney HarbourIt is the main crossing of Sydney Harbour, allowing the passage of trains, cars and pedestrians. It forms a metal arch, was built in 1932, and connects the business district with the north shore of the harbor.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The bridge remained the highest structure in the city until 1967 with 134 meters above sea level. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the widest bridge in the world (48.8 meters) and has the highest steel arch with the top of the bridge located 134 meters above the water. It is also the fifth longest bridge in the world (1149 meters in total, 503 meters in span) for arch bridges.

When I read in my press kit that I was going to climb the bridgeI said to myself, « Whoa, whoa, whoa. What if I said I had a pool?

And then you know how it is? You are invited toussa toussaYou’re not going to start grumbling. And that’s how you overcome your fears 😉

It must be said that you are super surrounded. We explain you, we dress you with this fantastic overalls, we harness you and zou, to you the guided tour of the bridge and its unceasingly incredible views on Sydney.

Sur le Sydney Harbour Bridge

On the Sydney Harbour Bridge

2 possibilities are offered to you, an express one and a longer one (count about 4 hours). From footbridges to stairs, you walk along this bridge, always roped up, with a 360° view on the harbor. It is an absolutely crazy experience.

Vue sur l'opéra depuis le pont

View on the opera from the bridge

If you come to Sydneydon’t miss this ride through the Australian sky. It’s well worth the price of admission. You can experience this every day, from sunrise to sunset. One of my best memories of Sydney.

Anne - Sydney Harbour bridge

Anne – Sydney Harbour bridge

A site to know everything about Bridge Climb (click).

Some pictures :

And then, if you plan to go to Australiadon’t hesitate to check out the Tourism Office website and follow the Instragram Australia account which has incredible pictures. With each new photo posted, I am amazed.

Enjoy !

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