Commentaires, mails, le meilleur de 2014

Vous pouvez répéter la question (c) RazoomGame shutterstock

I love my blog (c) Aysezgicmeli shutterstock

I love my blog (c) Aysezgicmeli shutterstock

Last week, I proposed you the best of comments and emails, first part, here is the second one today.

I take this opportunity to thank you for all the little kind words that you leave me and that you send me, day after day. Here I only put the funniest and most confusing ones in a « blooper » spirit 🙂 but LOVE &l;3 .

=> The one who wants you to work for her

I’m looking for an idea for a kitchen-related service that could solve a problem. Do you have one?

=> Because I want to

Why continue to serve fish on Fridays, when we are, it seems to me, in a secular republic and the Church itself has suppressed the Friday lean for over 50 years.

Parce que j'ai envie (c)Andi Berger shutterstock

Because I want to (c)Andi Berger shutterstock

=> How to tell you…

We hope you and your editors will enjoy this mailing….

=> More than having a melon, having a watermelon

I have been strongly challenged by your work and strongly seduced by the singularity of your creations, by this astonishing mixture of sobriety and dynamism which composes your pieces.

Pastèque (c) Yury Smelov shutterstock

Watermelon (c) Yury Smelov shutterstock

=> The one who got a little lost on the web


Would it be possible to visit your castle tomorrow? Thank you for keeping me informed by return mail and give me in case of a favorable answer the hours of visit and cost.

In the meantime, with kind regards

Versailles (c) lapas77 shutterstock

Versailles (c) lapas77 shutterstock

=> Migraine

I made the cake but with 4 eggs and with the help of the calculator.

But after 5 minutes, the temperature went from 220 to 130° and it didn’t go quickly: after 15 to 20 minutes, I could barely reach 150° and the cake started to burn a bit. I have a fairly decent oven – the Miele brand. I will try it at 180°. Would it be possible to tell me if your oven takes that long to lower the temperature?

Savant fou (c) RazoomGame shutterstock

Eureka (c) RazoomGame shutterstock

=> Can you repeat the question? 

Hello, I’m about to make this recipe but with grated Gruyere instead of onions. Can you advise me on the quantity of gruyere to use? Thanks in advance!

Vous pouvez répéter la question (c) RazoomGame shutterstock

You may repeat the question (c) RazoomGame shutterstock

=> I can’t I have a pool

I came across your blog and suggest you to do commercial animations at Auchan.

=> Cooking is sometimes complicated

Could I ask what your eggs weigh? Mine are about 64 g each. If yours are 55 g, should I limit myself to 5 eggs? Is this valid for a 24 or better 26cm pan?

Femme perplexe  (c) path doc shutterstock

Aspegic or Doliprane?  (c) path doc shutterstock

=> Why me

In order to improve the profitability and efficiency of our company, we are looking for serious and competent collaborators to work as couriers

That’s it for this year.

Happy New Year and best wishes!

Bonne année ©jeka84 shutterstock

Happy New Year ©jeka84 shutterstock

Happy New Year

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