L’expérience Scotch Whisky &#8211 ; Edimbourg

The Scotch Whisky experience - Edimbourg

If you go through Edinburghmake a detour to the Scotch whisky experience. You will learn the basics of how to make whiskeyYou will discover the incredible collection of Claive Vidiz whisky bottles (more than 3,500 bottles) and will be able to do a tasting. I was not familiar with this product at all, and I appreciated this first approach.

Whisky - The Scotch Whisky Experience (c) Ioannis Lachanis

Whisky – The Scotch Whisky Experience (c) Ioannis Lachanis

Here everything happens in a small wagon. You embark and hop, to you a brand new knowledge on this amber drink.

If I ask you from which grain whiskey is madewill you know?

– Yes?
– No?

I had no idea. Whisky is made withbarley.

Orge ©Eugenia Lucasenco shutterstock

Barley ©Eugenia Lucasenco shutterstock

As for the process of the beer, the grain will have to be wet and heated to start the process of germination. This process will last a few days before being stopped by drying the seeds over an oven.  The fuel used is sometimes the peat and it is it that will contribute to give the whisky its unique taste.

Do you know by the way what peat is ? (small parenthesis). This is what it looks like:

Tourbe ©Klaus Rainer Krieger shutterstock

Peat ©Klaus Rainer Krieger shutterstock

It is a fossil organic matter.  Dried, it gives a brown to blackish fuel which is used in particular for the manufacture of our whisky.

Récolte de tourbe ©Klaus Rainer Krieger - shutterstock

Peat harvest ©Klaus Rainer Krieger – shutterstock

The malt is then ground into a coarse meal (grist) then mixed with pure Scottish water. During the mixing, the sugar dissolves and produces a sweet liquid called wort.  The yeast is added to the wort. Thanks to it, the malted and sweetened wort is transformed into alcohol. This is the fermentation.

At the exit of the fermentation tank, the liquid has an alcohol content still too low. It will be necessary to distill it It is heated in a still and as the alcohol boils at a lower temperature than the water, it evaporates and separates from it. The vapour rises towards the neck of the alembic then the alcohol is cooled and turns back into liquid (condensation) thanks to a copper spiral immersed in cold water (coil)

The liquid obtained at the end of this step is called low wine. It will be distilled a second time in a still (spirit still) to reinforce its alcohol content.

Each distillery has a uniquely shaped copper pot still so that each distillery makes its own scotch whisky that has a specific taste and aroma.

The only thing left to do is to put it in casks. It is then necessary to wait at least 36 months to be entitled to the appellation whisky. During this time of aging, the unique flavor of the whisky is further enhanced by the wood of the casks in which it is contained and its light color changes to a golden hue. What was just water and barley has now become whiskey.

Magical, isn’t it?

Dégustation (c) Ioannis Lachanis

Tasting (c) Ioannis Lachanis

Slàinte mhath !  (tchin in Gaelic)

The Scotch Whisky Experience
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