Marché fermier de Carriagework’s

Carriagework's Farmers Market

Eveleigh Market - Sydney

Eveleigh Market – Sydney

I like farmers’ markets. It’s where you find the producers, not the retailers.  Here at the Carriagework’s Farmers Market (formerly Eveleigh Market in the southern suburbs of Sydney), it’s more than 70 market gardeners, producers and craftsmen who fill their stalls with fresh, seasonal products every Saturday.

What is the difference between an Australian farmers’ market and a French farmers’ market you may ask?

Globally not much. Even if it is the other hemisphere, we are in a « western » country.  The products are certainly different (climate, seasonality). What surprised me nevertheless here, in Eveleigh Market, it is the youth of the customers. In France, I find that the age groups are fairly well represented. Here it is young.  But the country is young.

Mike McEnearney - Kitchen By Mike.jpg

Mike McEnearney – Kitchen By Mike

In discussion with Mike Mc Enearney chef of the excellent restaurant Kitchen by Mikewho explained to me that this interest of Australians for cooking was quite recent. Twenty years ago, Australians ate rather badly because they were not interested. However, in recent years, there has been a real interest in the products and in the content of the plate.

And we have to admit that everywhere in AustraliaI ate very well.

Some pictures of the market :

Betteraves - Eveleigh Market, Sydney

Beets – Eveleigh Market, Sydney

Cookies - Eveleigh Market, Sydney

Cookies – Eveleigh Market, Sydney

Blettes - Eveleigh Market, Sydney

Chard – Eveleigh Market, Sydney

Pains - Eveleigh Market

Breads – Eveleigh Market

Préparation omelette - Alex Herbert - Bird Cow Fish - Eveleigh Market

Omelet preparation – Alex Herbert – Bird Cow Fish – Eveleigh Market

Jus de fruits - Eveleigh Market

Juices – Eveleigh Market

Croques Jambon fromage - Eveleigh Market

Ham and Cheese Croques – Eveleigh Market

And finally the incredible stand of Barbara Sweenybut I’ll tell you more about that soon!

Barbara Sweeney - Eveleigh Market - Sydney

Barbara Sweeney – Eveleigh Market – Sydney

Enjoy !

Edit 2015 : the market has changed its name and is now called Carriagework’s Farmers Market

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