Restaurant Wharf Rd, Nowra &#8211 ; Australie

Restaurant Wharf Rd, Nowra - Australie

The restaurant Wharf Rd is located on the banks of the Shoalhaven River in Nowra, New South Wales (South East Australia)

Look how beautiful it is outside :

Jacaranda et Shoalhaven river - Nowra

Jacaranda and Shoalhaven river – Nowra

The setting reflects the gentle lifestyle of the place.

Nowra - Shoalhaven River

Nowra – Shoalhaven River

The restaurant is located right on the water and the interior is warm, bright and welcoming (wood, light). The view is the same as outside, beautiful and relaxing.

Wharf Rd Restaurant

Wharf Rd Restaurant

The cuisine is simple and delicious, made with fresh, local, seasonal and excellent quality ingredients (often organic). This is a true commitment of the chef, David Campbell. His approach to cooking and eating is relaxed and uninhibited. He is also very, very cute #pardon.

Dave Campbell

Dave Campbell

Here is what you can eat there:

Salade quinoa radis

Quinoa Radish Salad

Bresaola de Wagyu, cresson et baisers pimentés

Wagyu Bresaola, watercress and spicy kisses

Betteraves cuites

Cooked beets, beet puree, quinoa and truffle oil

Seiche, purée de maïs doux, sauce à l'encre de seiche

Cuttlefish, sweet corn puree, cuttlefish ink sauce

Rôti d'Alpaga, purée de patates douces à l'orange confite, chips d'artichauts

Alpaca roast, sweet potato puree with candied orange, artichoke chips

A great address !

Wharf Rd restaurant and bar – 10 Wharf Rd, Nowra NSW 2541, Australia


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