Timberyard Restaurant, Edinburgh

Restaurant Timberyard, Edimbourg

Timberyard - Edimbourg

Timberyard – Edinburgh

If you’re passing through Edinburgh, don’t miss this address. It’s the place to be right now and even if you’ve been told :

Go there, it’s great!

Once there you see that it is even better than what you were told.

This restaurant is first and foremost the creation of the Radford family. There’s Andrew and Lisa, the owners. Ben, the oldest son, runs the kitchen while Jo, the youngest, manages the bar. And then there’s the daughter, Abi (Ben and Jo’s sister if you’ve been keeping track), who takes care of the photos and social media.

I don’t know if everyone gets along very well but we have to admit that in the kitchen, it’s top top top. All you have to do is make your choice of appetizer, entrée, main course and dessert and then enjoy. Some examples of what you can find there:

Plats Timberyard - Edimbourg

Timberyard Dishes – Edinburgh

The local products are extremely well presented. It’s fresh, it’s creative, the meats and fish are beautifully cooked. Warm atmosphere, efficient service. A very nice local address. Click here to discover the menus.

10 Lady Lawson Street

A Facebook page: The Timberyard

The Timberyard

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