Where to stay, where to eat in Extremadura

Parador de Guadalupe

Les cigognes d'Estrémadure © Fotowan shutterstock

The storks of Extremadura © Fotowan shutterstock

I convinced you to take a little tour in Extremadura or you already wanted to go there and you wonder where to stay, where to eat? Here are some good local addresses:

Where to stay? 

There are few possible rentals in this area. You will find gites, some proposals on Air BnB but also many hotels of excellent quality.

I recommend the hotel chain Parador (Paradores de Turismo de España) founded by King Alfonso XIII and created in 1928 to promote tourism in Spain. The specificity of these establishments is that they are located in historical places: castles, fortresses, convents, monasteries etc. It’s just crazy.

Parador de Caceres

Parador de Caceres

You can find rooms in promotion quite accessible. If you go to Spain do not hesitate to have a look.

Parador de Guadalupe

Parador de Guadalupe

Concerning more particularly CaceresI recommend you in addition to the local Parador hotel the very beautiful hotel NH located in an old palace of the 16th century, the Palacio de Oquendo. It is very well located and the welcome is excellent.

Hôtel NH Caceres

NH Caceres Hotel

Where to eat :

A few years ago (more than 15 years ago), when I was going to Spainthe level of the restoration was really poor. Everything or almost everything was fatty and fried. The last few times I went there, I can tell you that it was a different story.  In Extremadura, I really enjoyed the tapacerias (tapas specialties), the bistros and the more gastronomic establishments, all with exceptional value for money.

Some gourmet addresses in Cáceres :

=> Tapas side: Mastro Piero  This gastro pub proposed us a choice of tapas bluffing. The fish and chips of tench from Cáceres and the tataki of grilled Iberian pork, miso sauce and peach were just crazy.  It was creative, original, very good and absolutely unbeatable value for money.  Right in the spirit of the moment with a chef, Carlos Lopez in full hipster trend (beard and tattoos).

Mastro Piero

Mastro Piero

A must do.

Gilles Pudlowski’s opinion (with whom I shared this trip) on the address: Caceres, Carlos Lopez’ tapas.

Mastro Piero – Calle Fuente Nueva, 4, 10003 Cáceres

=> Bistro Side

  • Cayena  Cayena: located in the beautiful Plaza Mayor of Cáceres, this restaurant does the job. It is good, it is fresh, it is cooked, it is unpretentious and it is impeccable. Note the cooking of the pork tenderloin, rare. It was always served to us cooked like this and I must admit that the stories of tapeworms ran through my head (negative side POUAHHHHHH vs positive side CA FAIT MAIGRRÉ ^-^). But everything is fine and I admit that prepared like this, it’s much more mellow.  In short, a nice address.
    Gilles’ opinion on the same place (click)
    Cayena – Plaza Mayor – Cáceres (no correct presence on internet)
Restaurante Cayena

Restaurante Cayena – Salmorejo, crispy eggplant, Iberian pork tenderloin, verrine with perrunillas

  • El Figon de Eustaquio – Located just in front of the NH Hotel I mentioned above, this restaurant offers traditional cuisine, made with local products. It’s not cheesy though. It’s what I would call honest, unpretentious and perfect for the whole family.
    El Figon de Eustaquio

    El Figon de Eustaquio

    El Figon de Eustaquio – Plaza San Juan, 14, 10003 Cáceres – Gilles’ opinion (click)

  • A little more fancy: The restaurant of the Parador de Cáceres hotelThe place has a lot of charm and exudes serenity. I could have seen myself spending my afternoon in the patio, with a good book and a cup of those delicious local cherries. But that was not on the agenda :p. Anyway, I enjoyed their cherry and tomato gazpacho (they gave me the recipe), the pan con tomate, the bellota ham. A small drawback on the dessert, really very poof poof.
    Restaurant Hôtel Parador Caceres

    Restaurant Hotel Parador Caceres

    Restaurant of the Parador Hotel – Calle Ancha, 6, 10003 Cáceres.

    Gilles’ opinion (click)

=> Gastronomic side: Restaurant Javier Martin

Javier Martin comes from a small village north of Cáceres, Las Hurdes. Installed for 16 years, he proposes a cuisine gastronomic cuisine with unbeatable value for money.  For 45 euros, you get a top level meal, inspired, creative, that speaks to your senses, without you having to think about whether it’s good or not.

Javier Martin revisits the classics and we enjoy ourselves. On the menu: tomato and orange gazpacho (super fresh), jamobn iberico de Bellota, Iberian Solomillo (filet mignon) and its foie gras carpaccio, poultry and lobster consommé, monkfish paupiette, cheese, and chocolate dessert. It should be noted that he did some training at Valrhona and it shows.

Restaurant Javier Martin

Javier Martin Restaurant

If you have three cents to spare, go for it!  Only drawback, no presence on the internets except a Facebook page a little bof bof. We can’t be good everywhere 😉

Gilles’ opinion (click)

Restaurant Javier Martin – Calle Juan Solano Pedrero, 15 – Cáceres



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