Discovering Marion’s Vitalizer

Vitaliseur de Marion

Marion’s Vitalizer

Vitaliseur de Marionthe Vitalizer of Marion

But what is it you ask?

Marion Kaplan?  


The different parts of Marion’s vitalizer

So what’s the point?
with soft steamIt therefore preserves even the most sensitive vitamins

And is it very different from other cooking methods?

The size of the holes. Yes, the size counts :p . In fact the diameter of the holes (6 mm) was studied so that the steam does not rise in pressure.

The number of holes. Yes, the number also counts :p The Vitalizer has many holes contrary to the other steamers, which avoids the pressurization and allows a better elimination of toxins and pesticides.

The shape of the lid : Its dome shape will allow the steam, which becomes water again when it touches the lid, not to fall back on the food and thus not to wash it.

The weight of the lid: It is also designed to prevent pressure build-up. When there is too much steam, the lid lifts slightly to let the overflow escape.

Les différentes pièces du vitaliseur de Marion

The steam basket

How is it used?

Le panier vapeur

Moule à gâteaux - Vitaliseur de Marion

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