Food Survival Guide to the United States, Estelle Tracy


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the ABC’s of everyday American cooking

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Hello Estelle, can you tell us what gave you the idea for the book?

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In addition to the two original chapters devoted to dairy and pastry products, eight chapters and three ingredient glossaries have been added, for a total of 48 pages of references, advice and good addresses to help you eat at least as well as in France.

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I read a lot of testimonies from French people who complain about not finding quality chocolate in the United States. It’s a pity because nothing could be further from the truth. You will find very good American chocolates, as long as you leave the candy aisle for the natural and organic aisle. That’s where I get my Theo chocolates.

I often say that you can find anything in the US, as long as you know where to look. Keep an open mind and be curious. There are some great ethnic grocery stores in the suburban shopping areas. Who knows, you may even find Kinder eggs there.

Thanks Estelle!

For more information : The Food Survival Guide to the United States

Enjoy !

It’s a good idea

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