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you find Papilles et Pupille

(youhou). What you like are the 

(94% of positive opinions) and the

on the products. The

come in 3rd position. Concerning the new travel section, for more than half of you, it is a real plus and for a good third more, you find it interesting.

You don’t have much to say about the frequency of publication and you are more than 75% to come to each publication and every day. (youhou bis).

Côté pub,
Too much advertising for Thermomix !

8 ads on the page is too many.

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more information on the content of your plates

Product Information

for several hundred of you, such kind comments that just what. I didn’t expect any of this and know that I was really . #MinuteLove.

In the next post on the same theme, I’ll tell you how Papilles et Pupilles works because what surprised me the most is that many of you have no idea about the economic model of a blog and how I earn my living. In the meantime, you can always go and read about it (click).

Have a nice weekend !

Edit: The post that follows: Where we talk about the economic model of the blog (click)


Recettes sans gluten

Informations sur les produits

Love ©Jaromir Urbanek shutterstock

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